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Sinhué Flores

The Joy of Flute Music!

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About the Artist

The Power of Music

One of the happiest sounds is indoubtedly the sound of the flute. Every culture and time has counted with its magic given that perhaps flute was the oldest instrument made by humans. 

This is the space to share with you the pleasant the joyful, vivid, poetic and even the sweet nostalgy of flute music around from around the world and to send you a warm greeting specially during this challenging season.

Be very welcome to enter here as many times you want to enjoy the sound files and videos i hanged on here for you. I hope you like them, and feel free to comment, suggest some new pieces and songs, and if you just want to say hello i'll have big pleasure to reply.

Call me without compromise or send me a mail to or and to get free information about gigs, performances and safe personal or online classes! 

A Musical Hug for You
Sinhué Flores.

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Going to Cuba
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Story of Ressonance

Awarded with the Medal of Merit, Flores-Ocampo obtained his BA in Transversal Flute by The State of Mexico Conservatory of Music, where studied under the mentorship of Sabina Laurain (inheritor of Julius Baker's legacy) and hired afterwards by his Alma Mater as Professor of Music Reading, Ear Training, Music History, Aesthetics, Communication and thesis Tutor, Coordinator of the Early Musical Education Centre, and Academic Councilor for Final Evaluation and Normativity.

Master classes, lessons and training courses with Adrián S. Solsona, Pancho Hernández, the Flute Summer Festivals convoked by the Elena Durán from Stratford, Keith Underwood, Japanese-American contemporary specialist Asako Arai, on woodwind quintet music, Angela Koregelos from San Francisco Opera, John Wion from New York Opera, the prestiged Recorder Virtuoso Horacio Franco, the well-respected Irish band-conductor Colin Fleming, Hungarian Maestro András Adorjan, and the iconic James Galway nourished Sinhué Flores’ musicianship.

Flores-Ocampo was founder principal flutist of the State of Mexico Conservatory’s Woodwind Quintet, Flute Quartet and Symphony Orchestra, The Woodwind Quintet of The State of Mexico Autonomous; soloist with the UAEMEX Chamber Orchestra, UNSNH Chamber Orchestra, and St. of Mx. Youth Symphony Orchestra (nowadays re-baptized as Mexiquense Symphony Orchestra) and worked with Querétaro Philharmonic Orchestra and The Symphony Orchestra of  Hidalgo State Autonomous University and also choral conductor at Mexiquense Choral and José Ma Velasco Museum “Gaudeamus” Choral Ensemble and guest conductor Toluca Superior Diocesan School of Sacred Music´s Chamber Orchestra, where he served too as Music History teacher. Sinhué Flores is also appreciated by his support to arts promotion as TV host and advisor for symphonic broadcast.

Three continents can be counted in his career and ten recordings registered his work whose range includes academic repertoire, mexican traditional, caribbean pieces, sound-track popular as well as jazz music. His most recent production “Sambossa”, coproduced with the contest-winner guitarist José Miguel Suárez-Carreola, with music from Brazil, Argentina, Spain, France, Cuba and Mexico, meant financial contest-earned support from mexican governmental arts and culture fund in two consecutive editions and deserved a local musical tour. 

Sinhué Flores also studied Law at The State of Mexico Autonomous University and is as Post-Graduated Specialist on Cultural Public Policies and Cultural Management by the Ibero-American States Organization for Education Science and Culture and studied Event Management Dublin, Ireland, where resides now with his beloved wife Oana.

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Dublin, Ireland

+353 83 389 1296

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